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Waterfind can assist you with the following services that will enhance your ability to participate in the Australian Water Tender or any future Government Buyback.

• License Consolidation
Clients with multiple water licenses or entitlements may consolidate their holdings before participating in a permanent transfer to streamline administrative processes and optimize water management. Waterfind can assist in consolidating various licenses into a single, more efficient arrangement. This can also provide a better value for money-proposition if the water parcel is larger.

• Water Certificate Replacement

Having an original copy of your Water Certificate can be necessary when it comes to selling permanent entitlement. In case you need to replace a lost or damaged water certificate(s) before participating in the AWT or Government Buyback, we can assist you to comply with regulatory requirements.

• Water Account Audit & Review
A water account audit can help you assess your current water entitlements. During a government buyback, an audit can provide valuable information for determining which water entitlements are eligible for sale and help you understand the potential impacts on your water holdings.

• New License Creation Or Transfer
If you wish to acquire new water licenses or entitlements as part of the Australian Water Tender or Government Buyback program, we can facilitate the process of applying for and obtaining the necessary permits or licenses to access additional water resources. This can also be valuable if you are apart of an irrigation scheme or a bulk water license operator.

• Mortgage & Encumbrance Discharges
If you have existing mortgages or encumbrances on your water entitlements that need to be discharged before participating in a permanent transfer, we can help facilitate the release of these encumbrances to enable the sale of water rights.
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