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Waterfind's Water Management Tool

In a world where every drop counts, efficient water management is paramount. The Waterfind Water Manager Tool addresses the challenges faced in managing bulk water usage, offering solutions to avoid fines, adhere to regulations, and seize market opportunities. Waterfind seeks to enable customers to achieve more than just crop per drop.  Strike the balance between sustainability and profit by planning and managing your water usage with this tool – achieve sustainability and profitability.

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Water Usage Reports:
Monitor and analyze your water consumption with detailed reports. Understand your usage patterns and identify opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Seasonal Water Budgeting:
Plan and budget your water usage for different seasons. Ensure you have sufficient water resources during critical periods and avoid overuse with our seasonal budgeting tool.

Management Calendar:
Stay organized with our management calendar, which helps you schedule and track important water management activities. Ensure timely execution of tasks with ease.

Market Events:
Receive real-time notifications about key market events that could impact water availability and pricing. Make informed decisions about water purchases and usage by staying up-to-date with market trends.

forecast water usageTrack management actionsMulti site Management


Forecast Water Usage:
Get accurate forecasts of your future water usage based on historical data and weather conditions. Anticipate your water needs and adjust your management practices accordingly.


Track Management Actions:
Document and review all your water management activities. Track the actions you take to manage your water usage, ensuring all activities are recorded and can be analyzed later.


Multi-site Management:
Manage water usage across multiple farms or sites from a single tool. Our centralized management capability enhances efficiency and simplifies water resource planning, making it easier to monitor and control water usage across all your locations.

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For support or inquiries, reach out to us at watermanagementtool@waterfind.com.au. We're dedicated to assisting you at every step of your water management journey.