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We provide a range of resources to help you plan your water needs, these include
Current Water Allocations
Keep up to date with current allocations in your trading region.
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Allocation Outlooks
View allocation outlooks in your state.
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Water Trading Explained
Water markets facilitate the trading of water between two parties. Learn more about trading rules and processes.
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Waterfind's Online Water Market
Trade online anywhere, anytime from your desktop or mobile device.
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Weekly Water Report
Our e-Newsletter includes key water market information and industry news across surface and groundwater.
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Support Services
Facing hardship? Here are some support services you can call on.
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Find the answers to commonly asked questions on water trading.
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A resource of water market information and insights for you to watch on demand.
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Waterfind plays a pivotal role in the developing and maturing of Australian water markets.
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With almost 20 years as industry leaders in the water market, Waterfind has developed a wide range of products and services to help you buy, sell and value your water assets.

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Latest News & Updates

A Federal Budget Water Overview - The Winners and Losers
Tuesday 5 April 2022 Last week’s Budget  announcements provided some big wins for new dam developments in Northern NSW and QLD and a dam disappointment for much anticipated water market regulatory reforms.   The Budget set aside $6.9 billion towards dam and pipeline upgrades in Queensland and northern NSW, one of the largest new dam infrastructure
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#Murray GS up 59%, from 51% to 110%
#Murray HS up 3%, from 97% to 100%
#Murrumbidgee up 3%, from 38% to 41%
Log in to the Waterfind market: http://bit.ly/2ZFDC4N or call 1800890285 to discuss what this means for you.
#allocations #TradeWater #WaterMarkets

#Goulburn system up 17%, from 76% to 93%
#Murray unchanged at 100% - 27% water deducted from spillable accounts
Log in to the waterfind market: http://bit.ly/2ZFDC4N

More rain is one its way, putting more pressure on already full storages and possibly bringing more water to the market.
See what your water is worth today: http://bit.ly/2ZFDC4N

We would like to thank the Riverina Winegrape Growers Association who invited CEO Tom Rooney to provide an overview and forecast of the market.
We are always looking to grow and develop partnerships with industries big and small. If this interest you contact us on 1800 890 285

Water Market Outlook Released
Login to our market to view current prices: http://bit.ly/2ZFDC4N
Read the latest forecast water prices in the southern #MurrayDarlingBasin for the 2022-23 season
Register here for the @ABARES webinar 4 August https://www.agriculture.gov.au/abares/research-topics/water/water-market-outlook

More wet and wild weather is expected to come. Filling already full dam storages and bringing more water to the market.
Log in to our Live Market TODAY to sell your allocation: http://bit.ly/2ZFDC4N

Higher rainfall predicted for the coming months, dam storages in the MDB are at 93% capacity and allocations across the major regions have increased. To discuss your water plan login to our Live market: http://bit.ly/2ZFDC4N or call 1800890285

These continuous wet conditions will bring even more water to storages and have potential implications to the spot market. Read about how wet the current market is here: https://bit.ly/3bzrif8

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