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Listen back to some Interviews & Audio Excerpts with Tom Rooney & members of the Waterfind Team
On 1st December 2023,, CEO of WanterFind Pty Ltd has an interesting conversation with Anthony Milich, The Breakfast Show on the National Radio Channel 5RM.
Tom has shared some key insights about the changes made in the Water Amendment Act 2007 on 6th of Sept. 2023 at the Se3nate, Parliament Of Australian, Canberra.
5rm radio channel with waterfind
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Water Amendments Act, 2007

The aim of the Act can be listed as:

• Improve water security for all uses of water resources in the Murray–Darling Basin

• Promote the use and management of the Basin’s water resources in a way that optimises economic, social and environmental outcomes

• Ensure the return to environmentally sustainable levels of extraction for water resources that are overallocated or overused

• Protect, restore and provide for the environment of the Basin

• Maximise the economic returns to the Australian community from the use and management of the Basin’s water resources

• Implement relevant international agreements to address the threats to the Basin’s water resources

• Ensure that the management of the Basin’s water resources takes into account the broader management of natural resources in the Basin

• Achieve efficient and cost-effective water management and administrative practices in relation to the Basin’s water resources

• Provide for the collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of information about:
- Australia’s water resources
- The use and management of water in Australia.
To Know more about The Water Amendment Act, 2007, visit :
Changes to the Water Act 2007