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About Us

We are an Australian owned and operated family business, founded in 2003, specialising in water brokering, consulting and conveyancing services.

We offer a free to access online water exchange, enabling you to buy or sell water 24/7. Alternatively, you can call our experienced brokers located in Adelaide, Berri, Brisbane, Griffith and Mildura to discuss your water requirements. We provide allocation announcements, entitlement reports, a weekly water report and the Australian Water Markets Annual Report.

Our services are delivered by a diverse and highly experienced team

Customer Engagement Team

Providing water brokering services, with the support of dedicated sales and marketing communications, website management, events and campaigns.

Finance and IT Team

Provides financial and accounting services, delivery of software development and maintenance and upgrade of the online exchange and web based systems.

Market Operations Team

Provides consulting and conveyancing services, online trading system maintenance, qualitative and quantitative market research and analysis.

Valuations Divisions

Providing informative and knowledgeable reports designed to assist you in better understanding your water entitlement and gaining deep insights about Australian Water Markets and various tools and techniques that can be used by entitlement owners.

The Waterfind Team

We are an Australian made, family-owned and operated business, founded in 2003 by a Riverland irrigator. Our quality assured, award-winning company specialises in the delivery of electronic Water Market platforms, Water Market Information and specialised reporting, water market strategy development, water brokerage, water resource and infrastructure development & consulting and water right conveyancing and escrow management services.

Our highly experienced team share a common vision and set of values being:

  • Doing the right thing
  • Supporting each other
  • Customers drive our focus
  • Striving for a better way
  • Our team is made up of fully employed and contracted providers located through major irrigation districts in Australia.

Our business is a team which comes together to deliver a unified seamless service from the following speciality units, each operated by an executive Director reporting to the Group CEO

  • Market Operations & Conveyance – market operations, conveyancing, water efficiency and infrastructure consultancies and programs
  • Commercial – customer service, speciality brokerage services and water resource communications
  • Finance, Business Administration & Information Technology
  • Valuations - Valuation, Index and information reports
    Please contact our team on 1800 890 285

“Since its inception in 2003, I am proud to say that the Waterfind team has been committed to delivering professional, cost-effective and timely services. Our team is dedicated to improving your customer experience and fulfilling your water market needs.”

Tom Rooney
Group Founder

Waterfind Values and Code of Practice

The Waterfind Code of Practice specifically relates to the conduct of Waterfind in the development, delivery and operation of Water Markets. In the absence of a regulatory body for the water trading industry, Waterfind self regulates by operating to the Waterfind Code of Practice, which outlines our commitment towards delivering responsible and credible water trading activities. We support, train and mentor each other to do the right thing, drive a customer focus and continually strive for a better way.

The standards required under the Code of Practice are that:

  • All water transfer activities are conducted through an independently audited trust account
  • Waterfind precludes brokers from being involved with buying and reselling of water rights
  • Procedures are in place to protect the rights and interests of clients and ensure the delivery of consistent and quality service with every water trade we execute
  • All Waterfind brokers undergo ongoing training

Our Awards

  • 2018 Australian Information Industry Association Awards – Infrastructure and Platforms Innovation of the Year (SA & NT)
  • 2017 University of South Australia Centre for Business Growth – Growing South Australia’s Company Program
  • 2015 Australian Information Industry Association Awards – Regional, Inclusion & Community
  • 2015 Silver Stevie Award – Most Innovative Company of the Year – in Asia, Australia and New Zealand
  • 2014 State finalist – Telstra Business Awards – celebrating the achievements of Australia’s small and medium businesses

Our recognition by the Water Industry Alliance of Australia for water market advancements

  • Introduction of the Forward Water Market | 2014
  • Release of weekly region specific Newsletter | 2012
  • SMS Water Trading | 2010
  • Award for Innovation & Marketing | 2008 + 2006

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