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Local Government Area Water Risk Management Program

Introducing the LGA Water Risk Security Framework

The LGA Water Risk Security Framework is a comprehensive program developed and offered exclusively by Waterfind Australia. It is meticulously designed to empower Local Government Areas (LGAs) in identifying and addressing specific water security risks, thereby laying the foundation for sustainable water management within a changing climate and build resilience in rapidly growing communities.

Key Components of the Framework


1. Review & Audit of Current Water Resources:

- Conducting a thorough assessment of the water resources relied upon by the LGA.

- Outlining high-level management rules governing these resources.

- Identifying long-term yield security within a variety of climate change scenarios.

2. Valuation of Bulk Water Holdings:

-  Providing current market valuations for any existing bulk water holdings.

- Developing a value water index to represent the historic capital growth of current or potential water portfolio's.

3. Water Allocation Analysis:

- Reviewing and documenting the historical water allocation yield of the current water portfolio to identify gaps overruns or underruns.

4. Future Water Demand Assessment:

- Identifying and documenting current and projected future water demands for the LGA community over a medium to long-term horizon (20 to 50 years).

5. Climate and Legislative Risk Evaluation:

- Identifying and documenting current water resource delivery risks arising from climate or legislative changes.

6. Exploration of Alternative Water Security Arrangements:

- Assessing alternative water security arrangements available under the current regulatory framework.

- Documenting the potential costs and risks associated with accessing these water resources.

7. Scenario Analysis:

- Developing wet, average, dry, and extreme dry water resource and allocation yield scenarios based on the current portfolio.

8. Key Market Events & Management Actions:

- Identify and document key market events and link management actions that increase the effectiveness and efficiency in managing bulk water resources within your LGA.

How We Can Help

Waterfind Australia brings decades of expertise and a multidisciplinary approach to water resource management. Our team of experts collaborates closely with LGAs to tailor the LGA Water Risk Security Framework to their unique needs, ensuring a robust and sustainable strategy for water security.

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