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We provide a range of resources to help you plan your water needs, these include
Current Water Allocations
Keep up to date with current allocations in your trading region.
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Allocation Outlooks
View allocation outlooks in your state.
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Water Trading Explained
Water markets facilitate the trading of water between two parties. Learn more about trading rules and processes.
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Waterfind's Online Water Market
Trade online anywhere, anytime from your desktop or mobile device.
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Weekly Water Report
Our e-Newsletter includes key water market information and industry news across surface and groundwater.
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Support Services
Facing hardship? Here are some support services you can call on.
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Find the answers to commonly asked questions on water trading.
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Interviews & Audio Clips
A resource of water market information and insights for you to watch on demand.
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A resource of water market information and insights for you to watch on demand.
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Waterfind plays a pivotal role in the developing and maturing of Australian water markets.
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With almost 20 years as industry leaders in the water market, Waterfind has developed a wide range of products and services to help you buy, sell and value your water assets.

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Latest News & Updates

Hume Dam Level & Risk of Spill Update
The Hume Dam is effectively full and if a spill event is declared in the Murray region, it will be the first spill since the 2017-18 water season.
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On 14th of May, 2024, The Treasurer Jim Chalmers delivered the Federal Budget.
Waterfind has made an in-depth analysis of the delivered Budget.
If you wish to receive a copy of the analysis, please fill out the EOI through this link:

Australian Water Tender 2024 is HERE!!!

Click the link to access the AWT 2024 EOI Form: https://bit.ly/4bjDriM

In preparation of the upcoming Government Buybacks, Waterfind has launched 'Waterfind Aggregation & Consolidation Services'

To know more: https://bit.ly/4c3qSII

Catch The CEO of Waterfind Australia, Tom Rooney on radio channel 5RM, The Breakfast Show discussing the recent changes in the Water Act. 2007 and sharing some key insight.
Listen here:

Water Wisdom from Waterfind's CEO Tom Rooney. Standing at the end of Murray Darling Basin, Our CEO shares a glimpse of How the Water Future Efficiency Program is Saving More Than Just Water.
via @YouTube

Here's the Founder and CEO of Waterfind, Tom Rooney explaining the Sustainable Diversion Limit, straight from the Banks of The Edward's River.
via @YouTube
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The Australian Water Tender 2023 has been open for 2 weeks with over 123 Million Dollars of Permanent & Lease Water listed.

The Australian Water Tender is focusing on giving our customers longer-term water security.

Enjoy our week 2 report here - https://bit.ly/3PvoiSP

The Australian Water Tender is now OPEN. Promote your permanent water to hundreds of buyers and sellers. Express your interest in the 2023-24 Australian Water Tender today - https://bit.ly/3NiexWL
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Our 2023/2024 Federal Budget Analysis is now available. Read more about it here - https://bit.ly/3IJTB8i
#federalbudget #watertrading #buybacks #rivermurray #waterfind

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