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Waterfind's Online Water Market
Trade online anywhere, anytime from your desktop or mobile device.
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Forward Trading
Buy or sell allocation water at a later date in the current water season or in future water season.
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Carryover allows unused water to be carried over for use in the following water year.
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Long Term Leasing
Secure access to a water entitlement for a specified period of time.
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Permanent Water Market
Transfer all or part of a water access entitlement permanently or for a defined period.
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Temporary Water Market
Transfer an allocation in a current irrigation season.
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Options Trading
Pay an Insurance Premium to secure the right to buy or sell your water at an agreed price in a predetermined future delivery period.
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With almost 20 years as industry leaders in the water market, Waterfind has developed a wide range of products and services to help you buy, sell and value your water assets.

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Australian Groundwater Tender - Week 2 Summary
The 2nd week of the Australian Groundwater Tender has now finished, click here to read what has happened.
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Australian Groundwater Tender - Week 1 Summary
Today marks the end of the first week of the Australian Groundwater Tender for 2022-23 This week 237.9 ML of groundwater has been traded in 1 trade, in the Lower Limestone Coast Region in South Australia for a total value of $172,480 We have also seen large levels of engagement during the first week of
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New Goulburn to Murray Trade Rules
On Wednesday 15 June, The Minister for Water Lisa Neville announced the new permanent trade and operating rules for the Goulburn to Murray. The goal is to keep flows lower over summer and autumn, while not increasing delivery risk for irrigators. These rules will come into effect from 1 July 2022. Waterfind has summarised the
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Australian Water Tender: Week 10 Summary
Week 10, the final week of the Australian Water Tender, has now finished. A total of 5 trades have been made this week in the Australian Water Tender for an aggregated volume of approximately 62 ML and a combined value of over $260,000. This was largely thanks to trading in the Hunter Valley and Border Rivers Region. Below
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