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GMW Water Entitlements and Waterfind Permanent Water Auction
Place a bid for the exclusive Waterfind and GMW Permanent Water Auction.
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Forward Trading
Buy or sell allocation water at a later date in the current water season or in future water season.
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Carryover allows unused water to be carried over for use in the following water year.
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Long Term Leasing
Secure access to a water entitlement for a specified period of time.
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Permanent Water Market
Transfer all or part of a water access entitlement permanently or for a defined period.
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Temporary Water Market Price
Transfer an allocation in a current irrigation season.
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Options Trading
Pay an Insurance Premium to secure the right to buy or sell your water at an agreed price in a predetermined future delivery period.
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Inter-Valley Trade
Learn about Inter-Valley Trade limits and restrictions
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The Australian Water Tender
Promote your Permanent water to hundreds of buyers and sellers in this annual end of season event.
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Valuations & Reports
Reports specific to your requirements assisting you with how you trade water.
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With almost 20 years as industry leaders in the water market, Waterfind has developed a wide range of products and services to help you buy, sell and value your water assets.

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The Australian Warer Tender 2021 – Week 4 Report
A total of 199 ML of Permanent water valued at over $515,000 has been traded in the Australian Water Tender.
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New Waterfind Office Opened in Berri
Waterfind has opened a new office in Berri in the Riverland, South Australia which was officially opened by Tim Whetstone MP on 20 May 2021
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Media Release: Federal Budget Fell On Sodden Ground When It Came To Water Market Reform
The federal budget has fallen well short of the type of funding required for real water market reform, only highlighting one initiative in response to the ACCC water market inquiry.
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