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Government Buybacks


What are government Buybacks?

During the first week of December 2023, notable changes were made to legislation within the Senate. These amendments empower the government to actively engage in voluntary buyback initiatives within the water market. 

The overarching aim of these legislative modifications is to enable the government to secure an additional 450GL (Gigaliters) of long-term cap equivalent entitlements. 

This represents a strategic move by the government to bolster its water resources in pursuit of specific objectives, potentially enhancing water management and addressing broader policy goals related to water availability and sustainability.

How can our services help you in Government buybacks?

Waterfind has provided agency services to our customers to engage with the commonwealth on their behalf. Waterfind has provided these services in all previous buybacks in the past so our experience and understanding of the process can provide our customers with a competitive advantage if they were to engage themselves.
If your are interested in Government buybacks, please fill out the Expression of Interest form for Government Buybacks by clicking the button below:
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