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Temporary Water Pricing 

Prices are updated every Friday, log into our online exchange to view the live market price.

Region/ zoneTemporary price - ML 
VIC 1A$440/ML
VIC 6$435/ML
VIC 7$500/ML
NSW 10$435/ML
NSW 11$500/ML
NSW 13 Murrumbidgee$500/ML

Dam storage levels

Blowering1,609,859 ML606,226 ML38%
Burrinjuck1,023,036 ML313,747 ML31%
Hume3,036,393 ML571,307 ML19%
Dartmouth3,827,698 ML1,828,104 ML48%
Eildon3,250,150 ML1,248,469 ML38%

Water trade restrictions | 13 March

  • NSW to Vic is open with 69.05GL of net trade currently allowed from NSW to Vic, due to current risk of spill in the Murray still being below 50%.
  • Goulburn out trade is closed with Goulburn’s IVT account having a current balance of 0ML, however small intermittent openings continue.
  • Goulburn in trade is open with 188.7GL as the total volume owed to the Murray system is still greater than zero.
  • Murray to Murrumbidgee is open with capacity for 51.9GL to be transferred into the Murrumbidgee valley.
  • Murrumbidgee to Murray is open with capacity for 48.1GL to be transferred into the Murray.
  • Barmah Choke is open with current balance of 0.08ML, and small openings continue to be observed.
  • Lower Darling River is closed to temp trade with the Murray.

Weather outlook

Bureau of Meteorology releases its 2020 autumn outlook 

Climate and Water Outlook for March to May 2020, issued 27 February 2020The Climate and Water Outlook video provides a look at likely rainfall, streamflow and temperature for the months ahead. Watch BOM’s video for more detail.

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