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The Waterfind Waterfund

An investment in regulated water rights
helping to secure Australia's farming and 
regional sustainability
The Fund

This is a farmer-friendly, Australian made and operated Fund. We have developed an investment strategy that unabashedly aligns with local growers’ interests – enabling farmers to invest money or water assets into a Fund that can provide long-term water security for them and their communities.

The Fund will contribute to, rather than deplete from water availability and sustainability.
Management of the Fund
Waterfind Water Management Co Pty Ltd is appointed as the Fund's investment manager. The company is responsible for the day-to-day investment management and analysis for the Fund and Sub-Fund, including identifying and executing investments of the Fund and the Sub-Fund. Waterfind Water Management Co Pty Ltd is part of the Waterfind Corporate Group, a family business that has been operating for 73 years, and a market pioneer that helped shape the creation of the Australian regulated water market and pioneered the Australian Water Market Exchange.
The Investment Committee was established by the Fund to oversee and manage the investment activities of the Sub-Fund to ensure compliance with the Sub-Fund's investment strategy. The Investment committee will also consider the valuation of the Portfolio and the treatment of specific conflicts that arise. The Investment committee is governed by the Investment Committee Charter.
MARQ Private Funds Pty Ltd is the external Trustee of the Waterfind Waterfund. MARQ's Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) provides the proper structure through which investors can pool funds and acquire premium water assets through a managed investment scheme. This Licence is supported by MARQ's trustee, custody, registry and fund administrative services. These services are designed to add value to investment funds and enable them to comply with their statutory obligations in line with the Corporations Act 2001 and the complex Australian Financial Services licensing regime.
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This information has been prepared by Waterfind Water Management Co Pty LTd ACN 613 077 213, authorised representative (number 1296143) of MPF Representatives Pty Ltd ACN 647 299 901, holder of Australian financial services licence 531480. Applications to invest in the Waterfind Waterfund (Fund) can only be made on an application form referred to in the information memorandum for the Fund dated 03 May 2022. Prospective investors should read the information memorandum in full before deciding to invest in the Fund. A copy of the information memorandum is available via waterfund@waterfind.com.au

Investment in the Fund is only available to investors who qualify as wholesale clients under section 761G(7) of the Corporations Act 2001. No offer is being made by this document or the information memorandum in any jurisdiction other than Australia. This document contains general information only and does not take into account anyone's objectives, financial situation or needs. Prospective investors should seek appropriate prefessional advice before deciding to invest in the Fund.

Content of the information memorandum and information on this website may be subject to variation.