Waterfind Water Market Index Reports

Waterfind’s Permanent Water Market Index Reports provide informative indices based on past and current permanent trade data and can be used to assist you with your water planning and decision-making.

These Reports are based around key water regions throughout Australia and include groundwater and surface water. Each report is prepared by our in-house specialist team with the aim of helping you better understand your water, your region and your State.

Waterfind’s Indices use as their base year the 2014/15 Australian permanent market water season. This season was adopted as it is post the Millennium Drought (1996-2010) and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology described Australia’s rainfall from 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2015 as showing “some of the characteristics of long-term rainfall trends – with dry conditions in the southeast and southwestern Australia, contrasting with unusually wet conditions in the north and northwest.”* In accordance with water market practice, Waterfind’s Indices remove all “zero-dollar” trades (permanent water parcels traded at less than AU$1/ML) and apply accepted econometric and statistical principles to the data analysed.

Report Features

  • Individual subscriptions are available for New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland, as well as water regions such as the Murrumbidgee, Goulburn and Bundaberg. These subscriptions are also available for the whole of Australia and the combined Murray Darling Basin or Northern and Southern Connected systems.
  • Individual Index Reports can be provided for each entitlement type (General Security, High Security, Medium Priority and High Priority) and are available for quarterly or monthly subscription.
  • Annual subscriptions are available on a monthly or quarterly basis and are subject to Waterfind’s terms and conditions.

*(BOM, April 2015, “Recent rainfall, drought and southern Australia’s long-term rainfall decline”)

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