Waterfind have compiled examples of carryover for the following entitlement types:

  • NSW Murray General Security
  • NSW Murrumbidgee General Security
  • VIC Murray Low Reliability

Note: SA licence holders will not have access to carryover for the 2017-18 season.

Our Carryover Explained PDF details 3 different scenarios for each of the above entitlement types and the associated risks with each.

Carryover Explained Handbook

Carryover Water

Carryover mechanisms enable irrigators to store and carry over water into the new water year. This can be made up of unused allocation from the previous water season or through additional purchased temporary water.

Carryover is not available on all licences and is subject to regulations specified by each State’s relevant departments. For further information relating to carryover ability, please contact your Broker.

Maximum carryover capacity is specified as a percentage of the total licence volume.

RegionCarryover %
Murrumbidgee GS30
NSW Murray GS50
VIC Murray HR + LR100
Goulburn HR + LR100
Loddon HR + LR50
Campaspe HR + LR100
Broken HR50

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  • In the Victorian Murray, Goulburn and Campaspe catchments, carryover is limited to 100% of entitlement.
  • Arrangements are different in the Loddon, Broken and Bullarook systems, where storages are smaller.
  • Carryover is not available in the Oven system where dams are too small to support storage of water carried over.


  • The Murray/Murrumbidgee allow carryover as a water resource management measure, assessed annually in line with the other states.
  • Northern NSW (ie Gwydir and Namoi) have Continuous Accounting for General Security Accounts. This means that allocated water goes into an “allocation account” that can be debited and credited just like a bank account. There are some restrictions on use per annum though and the amount of water that can be held.


  • Due to high inflows to the River Murray System in 2016-17, the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation has determined that River Murray carryover will not be made available to South Australian Water Access Entitlement holders in 2017‑18.
Carryover will NOT be made available to South Australian Water Access Entitlement holders in 2017‑18.


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Spill risk must be considered when exploring carryover options, as a spill can cause carryover allocation to be lost.

Many irrigators carried water into the 2016-17 season. Due to higher than expected rainfall, spills in excess of 1,000GL were announced across regions in the Murray-Darling Basin which resulted in the loss of carryover.

The volume of rain experienced across Australia this year has seen an increased level of spill risk. This has the potential to impact carryover into the 2017-18 water year.

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Carryover too risky for you?

Irrigators have already started to trade their temporary allocation with the intention of carrying over capital to purchase temporary water in the 2017-18 season.

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