Water Asset Performance Reports

Our dedicated team of brokers and market operation analysts have compiled over a decade’s worth of trade data from multiple sources, into easy-to-read Water Asset Performance Reports (WAPRs) to assist you in making informed decisions about your investments and water requirements.

Offering free versions of these reports in 7 key markets in the southern connected Murray-Darling Basin system, the reports show trade data for the past 10, 5, previous and current water years and include information on tradability and financial ratios such as capital growth, return on investment and other historic data including allocations, and temporary and permanent pricing.

Whilst Water Asset Performance Reports are available free online for these 7 key markets, we can also provide specialist reports on a range of other markets as part of Waterfind’s Pro-Report Subscription service. This service includes a comprehensive set of data across the past 10 years. For this comprehensive in-depth analysis on the past decade, and to assist you in making the most informed water decisions for you own water acquisition requirements, organise your subscription today by calling 1800 890 285 or email admin@waterfind.com.au.

South Australia – Water Asset Performance Report (WARP)

South Australia

MDB – WAPR map

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SA Zone 12 Class 1

SA Zone 12 Class 3

SA Zone 12 Class 5

Victoria – Water Asset Performance Reports



New South Wales – Water Asset Performance Reports

New South Wales

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