SA overuse water penalties increase 

SA Government has released penalty rates for the SA River Murray for this quarter (January to March 2020) in response to the drought and water market conditions being experienced across the Basin.
Penalty rates are calculated based on market value and take into account the risk to the resource if water theft occurs.

Penalties have increased slightly and the cost of overuse penalties is now well above the current market price for water in this market.

The Gazette notice has declared the following increase in penalty rates to apply to water taken for overuse from the River Murray Prescribed Watercourse for the quarter 1 January 2020 to 31 March 2020:

  • Penalty for overuse for first 10% @ $2450 per ML (compared to $2370 per ML in Oct-Dec 2019)
  • Penalty for overuse above 10% and up to including 25% @ $5710 per ML (compared to $5530 per ML in Oct-Dec 2019)

Avoid penalties, balance your accounts before 31 March.

Call 1800 890 285 to buy water and balance your accounts.



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