Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission – Community consultation in South Australia

The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission (The Commission) was established by the Governor of South Australia on 23 January 2018, in response to allegations of illegal taking of water, made in July 2017.

Specifically, the Commission is examining:

  • Whether appropriate enforcement proceedings have been taken in relation to any instances of alleged or found illegal take of water, and whether the compliance and enforcement powers in the Water Act are adequate.
  • Whether water resource plans required to be prepared under the Basin Plan will be compliant with the Basin Plan and accredited by 1 July 2019.
  • Whether the Basin Plan in its current or any amended form is likely to achieve the objects, purposes and desired outcomes of the Water Act and Basin Plan.
  • Whether the Basin Plan is likely to achieve the “enhanced environmental objectives” and the recovery of 450GL of water through efficiency measures.
  • Whether water purchased for environmental use has been, or will be, adequately protected from consumptive use.

In addition to its community consultations, the Commission is seeking submissions from any persons or organisations concerning these issues. Submissions can be lodged online at

Waterfind recognise that the integrity of the Murray-Darling Basin water markets is important to its clients. Waterfind has made a submission to the Commission

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