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The Australian Water Tender

Waterfind would like to congratulate and thank all the buyers and sellers that have been involved and participated in the Australian Water Tender (AWT) during the 2021/2022 season.

The Australian Water Tender had record levels of engagement since it began, showing that there is demand from both buyers and sellers to purchase and sell water entitlements, despite the wetter-than-average conditions experienced this season.

The Australian Water Tender enabled trading for both surface water and groundwater entitlement holders, reaching over 20 individual trading regions across Australia for a combined value of over $11.5 million. Majority of the trading during the AWT came from New South Wales, with one of the largest parcels being 754 ML of Zone 10 Murray General Security Entitlement. 

Even though the Australian Water Tender has now ended, you can still capitalise on the value of your entitlement and present your order to thousands of license holders in your market. So if you would like to discuss buying or selling your entitlement or even develop a plan for the new 2022/2023 season, please login to our Live Water Market here or call your local water account manager on 1800 890 285.

Contact one of our experienced consultants and learn how our online Water Market 24/7 can benefit your business today.

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