Waterfind's Bundaberg Water Tender

Waterfind's Australian Water Tender is proud to offer a speicalised Bundaberg Water Tender open to all water users in the Bundaberg Region and those interested in purchasing entitlement in the region.

Buyers and sellers are able to list their opportunities or express their interest on Waterfind's water market to thousands of potentially interested parties in the Bundaberg region.

Register your interest or call Waterfind on 1800 890 285 if you are interested in any of the Tender opportunities listed below.

AWT - Bundaberg Buyers

wdt_ID Zone: Volume (ML) Price ($/ML) Priority Type: Split (ML): Register Interest
2 Burnett Zone CA 500 $3,000 Medium Priority N/A
3 Kolan Zone AD 50 $3000 Medium Priority N/A
4 Kolan Zone AD 5 $3,000 Medium Priority N/A

AWT - Bundaberg Sellers

wdt_ID Zone: Volume (ML) Price ($/ML) Priority Type Split (ML) Register Interest

Contact Waterfind if you are interested in any of the Bundaberg Water Tender opportunities listed above.