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The Australian Water Tender

Australian Water Tender
Australian Water Tender 2021 has been extended until 15 July! 
The Australian Water Tender is an annual end of season event that coincides with the end of financial year, enhancing your opportunity to benefit from a high number of active buyers and sellers in the market. 

It's free to join and is open to the buying, selling and leasing of permanent water across Australia. It enables the trading of water entitlements in two ways:
1. Buying or selling of a water entitlement outright or
2. Buying and selling of a water entitlement and leasing back the allocation
Current Listings
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Last Updated 25 June 2021

Current Permanent Opportunities

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Australian Water Tender extended until 15 July 2021
Waterfind is closed for Temporary trading but Permanent opportunities are still available through the Australian Water Tender.
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