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GMW and Waterfind Permanent Water Auction 

Waterfind Australia

Waterfind was appointed as the exclusive partner to conduct the sale of GMW permanent Victorian water entitlements in Zone 1A Goulburn, Zone 1B Boort, Zone 7 Murray and Zone 6 Murray.  There will be no more parcels offered through this process.

Waterfind would like to congratulate and thank all the buyers and sellers that have been involved and participated in the Goulburn-Murray Water Irrigators Share Distribution (GMW ISD) Auction over the past 4 months.
The entitlements available through the auction process have cleared and been sold at market price (100% clearance rate). All proceeds from the sale of these water parcels are going back to the regional community of Goulburn-Murray to further support the water industry.
All the water sourced for the auction has been as a result of the environmental savings made through the Connections Project, the Nation's largest water saving project. In total 2,194.6ML of water have been offered through this process, with the largest parcel being 265 ML of 1A Goulburn High Reliability entitlement. 

Due to a sustained interest in these regions from both buyers and sellers Waterfind has launched a specialised Goulburn Water Tender and Murray Water Tender as a part of the Australian Water Tender. These Water Tenders are open to all water users in the Region and those interested in selling or purchasing entitlement in the region.
Buyers and sellers are able to list their opportunities or express their interest on Waterfind's water market to thousands of potentially interested parties in these regions. To express your interest in the Australian Water Tender click here.


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