Waterfind Values and Code of Practice

The Waterfind Code of Practice specifically relates to the conduct of Waterfind in the development, delivery and operation of Water Markets. In the absence of a regulatory body for the water trading industry, Waterfind self regulates by operating to the Waterfind Code of Practice, which outlines our commitment towards delivering responsible and credible water trading activities. We support, train and mentor each other to do the right thing, drive a customer focus and continually strive for a better way.

The standards required under the Code of Practice are that:

  • All water transfer activities are conducted through an independently audited trust account
  • Waterfind precludes brokers from being involved with buying and reselling of water rights
  • Procedures are in place to protect the rights and interests of clients and ensure the delivery of consistent and quality service with every water trade we execute
  • All Waterfind brokers undergo ongoing training
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