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Goulburn Tagged Trade Changes

Changes to tagged trade and operational regime for the Goulburn system will come into effect on midnight 12 December 2019. New interim rules have now been approved by Victorian Government, to restrict use from tagged accounts when water allocation trade limits have been reached and will take effect on 12 December 2019 at midnight. As the Goulburn to Murray trade limit is currently closed, this means that water users with accounts in the Goulburn that are tagged for use in the Murray will also be restricted until the trade limit re-opens. This will also apply to NSW to VIC, however as the trade limit is currently open, there is no immediate change. However, If the limit is reached in the then NSW entitlements and allocations tagged to VIC will be restricted while trade is closed.

More information can be found via these links:

Media release




SA overuse water penalties increase 

Penalty rates for the SA River Murray have increased for this quarter (October to December 2019) in response to the drought and water market conditions being experienced across the Basin. Penalty rates are calculated based on market value and take into account the risk to the resource if water theft occurs.
The Gazette notice has declared the following increase in penalty rates to apply to water taken for overuse from the River Murray Prescribed Watercourse 1 October 2019 to 31 December 2019:
  • Penalty for overuse for first 10 % – $2370 per ML
  • Penalty for overuse above 10% and up to including 25% – $5530 per ML

As we reach end of the quarter, it is important to monitor your water use and balance your accounts to avoid the new increased penalty rates. Avoid penalty fees, balance your accounts now before December. Call us on 1800 890 285 to help you balance your water accounts, avoiding any penalties.

Visit Department for Environment and Water for more information.



Water for Fodder Program closed as of 13 December 2019.

Government was inundated with applications for the program, it was oversubscribed within 24 hours of it opening, showing the severe impact the drought is having on the entire nation and value of this initiative to farmers in the southern basin to produce fodder for farms.

4185 applications were received for the Program, 800 were successful in offering 50ML parcels of water for $100/ML, to grow fodder, for the 800 individual lots of water available. Successful applications were chosen at random by ballot to receive conditional acceptance and applicants have now been notified of the outcome.

Round 1 outcomes for states:

4185 Total applications | 800 successful (19%)

SA | 57 Total applications | 13 successful (23%)
VIC | 2554 Total applications | 504 successful (20%)
NSW | 1574 Total applications | 283 successful (18%)


ACCC Murray-Darling Basin Water Market Inquiry

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is conducting an inquiry into Murray Darling Basin water markets.

The ACCC will use this information to make recommendations to improve the Murray-Darling Basin water market, including options to enhance operations, transparency, regulation, competitiveness and efficiency.

For more information visit the ACCC website.

On the radio | Waterfind’s Chief Executive, Tom Rooney on ABC Victoria Country Hour

Tom Rooney, chats with ABC’s Nikolai Beilharz, providing insights into irrigation water costs plateauing, on @ABC Victoria Country Hour.
Interview starts at [1:05] and finishes at [8:57]


National Agriculture Day 21 November 2019

Did you know Agriculture is the largest employer in many of Australia’s rural and remote communities? 21 November is National Agriculture Day #AgDay has grown to become a broad coalition of industry groups, corporate Australia and government, led by the National Farmers’ Federation. Australia’s farm sector is quietly doing good things, they are the reason we enjoy safe, nutritious produce all year round.  Find out more, visit

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