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Keep up to date with industry news, seasonal updates and other events that have occurred in the water market. 

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The Status of Water Trading in New South Wales

On 20 December 2022, the NSW Parliament tabled a report on the status of water trading in NSW, outlining their key findings and recommendations.

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Meet Our Irrigators: Schubugs

We are introducing another of our unique clients Schubugs, who are breeders of live Crickets! Timothy & Zachery Schubert are a father and son combination who created Schubugs and started breeding crickets in 2018.

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Federal Budget Analysis November 2022

Waterfind has developed a comprehensive and in-depth report based upon the latest Federal Budget, released by the Labor Government in October 2022. This free report gives you a clear insight into how the budget will impact the water industry in Australia going forward. Click the below button to download your free report

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Meet Our Irrigators: Koch Racing Stables

Not all of Waterfind’s clients come from a traditional farming background. Read about Dion Koch and his race horses.

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New South Wales Flood Crisis, where can you find support?

Times are tough at the moment across central and northern New South Wales, with there being major flooding in the Darling, Macquarie, Lachlan and Murray regions. There are also minor or moderate levels of flooding in many towns

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Queensland Record Rainfall, where can you find support?

Regions throughout Queensland have been hit with large volumes of rain across this past week, with regions like Springsure, Rewan and Emerald, all seeing over 100mm of rain in a single day.

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