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Waterfind’s team and their extensive product and service offerings have been supporting Australian irrigators since 2003. Read on to learn more.

We are an Australian owned and operated family business, founded in 2003, serving clients nationally across all the major irrigation regions. 

Our broker team have agricultural and farming experience and are uniquely trained to support your water trade.

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Products & Services

Forward Trade
Forward Trading
Buy or sell allocation water at a later date in the current water season or in future water season.
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Carry Over
Carryover allows unused water to be carried over for use in the following water year.
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Long-term Leasing
Long Term Leasing
Secure access to a water entitlement for a specified period of time.
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Inter-valley Trade
Inter-Valley Trade
Learn about Inter-Valley Trade limits and restrictions.
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Valuations & Reports
Valuations & Reports
Reports specific to your requirements and assisting how you trade water.
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Waterfind's Online Water Market
Entitlement Sale and Lease Back
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Valuations & Reports

Valuations & Reports
Valuation Services
Reports specific to your requirements and assisting how you trade water.
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Carry Over
Carryover in the Murray Darling Basin
Express your interest in this in depth report about carryover in your state.
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Why Choose Waterfind?

  • We complete your trade from application to settlement, with features in our online system showing you the status of your trade, from start to finish, engaging you in the journey.
  • We ensure participant anonymity.
  • We conduct quarterly audits on trust fund accounts, ensuring funds are held securely and independently.
  • We ensure transactions are safeguarded by using the latest online security, making transactions safer and secure.
  • We notify you of market opportunities and review your trading options, helping you manage your water assets.
  • Our innovative business practices have resulted in industry awards, including an award for our online water market
  • Our highly diverse, professional and experienced team have a regional and national reach, located in Adelaide, Berri, Brisbane, Griffith and Mildura.

Weekly Water Report

Weekly Water Report

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NSW and Vic Opening Allocation Forecast Update
On Monday 16 May 2022 Industry NSW and the Northern Victorian Resource Manager released their revised forecast for the opening allocations for some of the major river systems. Waterfind has analysed and summarised the announcements below. New South Wales Murray Allocations The outlook for 1 July 2022 water availability is conservatively based on assumed dry
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Australian Water Tender - Week 5 Summary
11/05/2022 Week 5 of the Australian Water Tender has now finished. A total of 4 trades have been made this week for an aggregated volume of 221.5 ML and a combined value of $335,655. This was largely thanks to trades in South Australian Groundwater and Surface water. 3,373 ML of Groundwater listed across Australia 93
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Australian Water Tender 2022: Week 3 Summary
April 27 2022 The Australian Water Tender has reached its 3rd week with continued engagement and growing value! Groundwater is emerging as a developing market in this tender, whilst surface water is maintaining strong involvement from market participants. The Australian Water Tender is free to join and can be specified to a single region. Waterfind
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Goulburn-Murray Water Irrigators Share Distribution Auction
April 19 2022 Waterfind would like to congratulate and thank all the buyers and sellers that have been involved and participated in the Goulburn-Murray Water Irrigators Share Distribution (GMW ISD) Auction over the past 4 months. The entitlements available through the auction process have cleared and been sold at market price (100% clearance rate). All
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