How long will your water last?

Plan now for a successful season

Now that plantings have started to flower and watering has begun, there has been an increase in temporary water trading activity.

By identifying your requirements for the season now, you can monitor the market and act on opportunities that meet your needs.

This can be complex for some, especially when taking into account allocations, carryover, risk of spill, permanent and temporary water.

Waterfind can answer your questions about any of the above. Our brokers will support you to implement your plans and secure your water needs!

Entitlement Summaries

Waterfind have prepared the following Entitlement Summaries to provide current information on specific Entitlements in the Southern Connected and Northern Rivers systems.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Waterfind on 1800 890 285.

Recent Rainfall Deciles and the Outlook to December

  • The October to December outlook, issued 28 September 2017, shows an equal chance of wetter or drier conditions for most of Australia.
  • October is likely to be wetter than average for large parts of eastern and central mainland Australia.
  • October to December daytime and night-time temperatures are likely to be warmer than average for most of tropical northern Australia and parts of southeast Australia.
  • Climate influences from the Indian and Pacific oceans are likely to be competing, with a slightly drying influence in the Indian Ocean likely to be cancelling out a slightly wetter influence from the Pacific Ocean.
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