Goulburn Tagged Trade Changes

Changes to tagged trade and operational regime for the Goulburn system will come into effect on midnight 12 December 2019. New interim rules have now been approved by Victorian Government, to restrict use from tagged accounts when water allocation trade limits have been reached and will take effect on 12 December 2019 at midnight. As the Goulburn to Murray trade limit is currently closed, this means that water users with accounts in the Goulburn that are tagged for use in the Murray will also be restricted until the trade limit re-opens. This will also apply to NSW to VIC, however as the trade limit is currently open, there is no immediate change. However, If the limit is reached in the then NSW entitlements and allocations tagged to VIC will be restricted while trade is closed. More information can be found via these links:

Information on the implementation of the restrictions and new trading rules



Minister’s media release


Frequently Asked Questions fact sheets




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