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Murrumbidgee Outlook for the 2024-25 Season

On the 15/4/24 Water NSW released their Outlook for the 2024-25 Season, you can catch up on the outlook below. A water availability outlook for the start of the next water year (1 July 2024) is provided below. The outlook is indicative only, not guaranteed, and should be used with caution, particularly when projecting many

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South Australia's Minimum Opening Allocation

Issued 15 April 2024   The projected minimum opening allocation for South Australian River Murray irrigators for the 2024-25 water year is 100 percent. This is based on a water availability assessment provided by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority that shows under a “worst-case” scenario, South Australia will receive its full annual River Murray Entitlement of

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Evolution of Australian Water Markets Through Reforms

Sharing the River Murray water sources was a big challenge in the early 1900s. When the British handed over governance to Australians, they adopted their systems. Water rights were directly tied to land rights. Irrigators, therefore, had to buy extensive parcels of land to access more water. This investment alone is costly and time intensive.

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Commonwealth Buy-back Tender - More Information

The Commonwealth Government has late last week released their supporting documents and processes for their  buy-back of 43,300 megalitres of water in the Murray Darling Basin.  Following is my opinion piece /  overview of those documents, a description of the process as they compare with past programs and normal commercial dealings. Firstly it is important

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Waterfind News: The Federal Government Announces Voluntary Strategic Water Purchases

"Today the Government is beginning the process to buy water to Bridge the Gap under the Murray–Darling Basin Plan. These water purchases are voluntary. This water purchase is only for the remaining 49GL of the Bridging the Gap target. ‘Bridging the Gap’ is the largest pool of water to be recovered under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan –

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Bureau of Meteorology's State of Climate 2022 Report Overview

The Bureau of Meteorology has released their State of Climate 2022 report. This gave a summary of Australia's climate during 2022 along with comparisons to historical data. Waterfind has prepared an overview of the key findings, and related issues for irrigators.

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