Carryover water placers

A Placer is the party who has allocation to be placed with the holder for carrying that water over into the following water year.

Carryover water holdersĀ 

A Holder is the party who is offering the facility of carryover to the placer.

Call Waterfind on 1800 890 285 if you are interested in any of the Carryover opportunities listed below.

VIC Goulburn Carryover Placers

IDVolume (ML)Price ($/ML)TypeStatus
P2021-11-06100$451A LRAvailable
P2021-23-07700$451A LRFilled
P2021-27-05200$501A LRFilled
P2021-09-07157$451A LRFilled
P2021-03-07600$451A LRFilled
P2021-25-07550$501A LRFilled
P2021-29-02739$451A LRFilled

VIC Goulburn Carryover Holders

IDVolume (ML)Price ($/ML)TypeStatus
H2021-12-1148$601A LRAvailable
H2021-03-06157$451A LRFilled
H2021-01-06600$451A LRFilled
H2021-24-06100$451A LRFilled
H2021-25-06200$451A LRFilled
H2021-31-04700$451A LRFilled
H2021-36-05200$501A LRFilled
H2021-21-10189$451A LRFilled
H2021-33-11150$451A LRFilled
H2021-37-10400$451A LRFilled
H2021-35-05550$501A LRFilled
H2021-08-07100$451A LRAvailable

VIC Murray Carryover Placers

IDVolume (ML)Price ($/ML)TypeStatus
P2021-01-05100$80Vic 7 LRAvailable
P2021-07-11219.4$100Vic 7 LRFilled
P2021-26-06274$110Vic 7 LRFilled
P2021-24-07105.6$50Vic 6 LRAvailable
P2021-14-03300$80Vic 7 LRAvailable
P2021-15-07210.6$45Vic 6 LRFilled
P2021-30-0942$45Vic 6B LRAvailable

VIC Murray Carryover Holders

IDVolume (ML)Price ($/ML)TypeStatus
H2021-15-0642$45Vic 6 LRAvailable
H2021-06-04219.4$100Vic 7 LRFilled
H2021-27-05105.6$50Vic 6 LRFilled
H2021-28-0516.3$50Vic 6 LRAvailable
H2021-29-0521.6$50Vic 6 LRAvailable
H2021-32-11274$110Vic 7 LRFilled
H2021-39-0641.8$80Vic 6B LRAvailable
H2021-10-03150$120Vic 6B LRAvailable
H2021-43-05150$100Vic 7 LRAvailable

NSW Murrumbidgee Carryover Placers

IDVolume (ML)Price ($/ML)TypeStatus
P2021-17-03270$40Zone 3 GroundwaterFilled

NSW Murrumbidgee Carryover Holders

IDVolume (ML)Price ($/ML)TypeStatus
H2021-22-03730$40Zone 3 GroundwaterAvailable
H2021-22-03270$40Zone 3 GroundwaterFilled
H2021-02-04700$110Coleambally Irrigation GSAvailable

NSW Murray Carryover placers

IDVolume (ML)Price ($/ML)TypeStatus
P2021-21-09100$70MIL GSAvailable
P2021-25-05550$60MIL GSFilled
P2021-21-09100$70MIL GSFilled
P2021-13-072500$7010 Murray GSFilled

NSW Murray Carryover Holders

IDVolume (ML)Price ($/ML)TypeStatus
H2021-20-05550$60MIL GSFilled
H2021-41-03400$70MIL GSAvailable
H2021-11-092500$7010 Murray GSFilled

Lower Lachlan Groundwater Carryover Placers

IDVolume (ML)Price ($/ML)TypeStatus

Lower Lachlan Groundwater Carryover Holders

IDVolume (ML)Price ($/ML)TypeStatus
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