What is carry over?

Carryover enables you to carry over unused water from one water season to the next. It can be made up of unused water allocations and purchased temporary water. Carryover is not available on all licences and is subject to regulations and different process specified by each state.

When to use carryover?

The decision to carryover water will depend on each and every individual’s circumstances and the level of risk they are willing to take.

Generally, the lower the outlook for allocations, the more important it is to consider the use of carryover. For example, you may not get enough water allocations in the next water season (dry to extremely dry conditions) to get your crop off to a good start. You can decide to swap the risk of a water-stressed crop for the risk of a spill. However, If the weather turns wet, then you can decide on carryover, to carry unused water over into the next season.

Having access to information such as the risk of water-stressed crops and the risk of low water allocations is critical when deciding on carryover. We are here to help you make informed decisions about carryover, providing information on carryover markets and advice on data.

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