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Australian Water Tender 2021

The Australian Water Tender is an annual end of season event that coincides with the end of financial year, enhancing your opportunity to benefit from a high number of active buyers and sellers in the market. It enables the trading of water in two ways:

  1.  Buying or selling of water entitlement outright or
  2.  Buying and selling of water entitlement and leasing back the allocation

Why participate in the tender?

Water entitlement holders (sellers) can capitalise on the demand for permanent water, free up substantial capital and secure their long term water security by leasing back the allocation. Buyers can secure a long term asset with the opportunity to lease long term with steady returns to be used for farming or investment.

Expressions of interest are promoted to hundreds of buyers and sellers, maximising sale potential. There is no obligation to place a live order or accept any offers received, and you can change or withdraw an expression of interest at any stage.

Expressions of Interest from buyers and sellers are open now until 30 June 2021.


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