Waterfind’s Australian Water Markets Annual Report 2019-2020 and Valuation Services

Waterfind’s 2019-2020 Australian Water Markets Report was released in October 2020. This unique report provides a detailed account of Australian water market-related activity over the 2019-2020 water year.  It presents a summary of the season’s weather conditions, storages, allocations and statistics on the number of trades, volumes traded and prices paid. Further qualitative observations are provided on the key events that shaped the water markets over the season.

Three major market areas are analysed:

  1. The Murray-Darling Basin – Focus is given to the surface water markets in the Southern Connected Basin.
  2. Queensland, where focus is given to the Bundaberg and Burdekin-Haughton water schemes.
  3. Groundwater markets, where focus is given to the NSW Lower Murray, the SA Lower Limestone Coast and the QLD Pioneer Groundwater source.

This Report includes an outlook for the 2020-2021 water year which focusses on the Murray-Darling Basin and the Queensland water markets, and analyses the first quarter results for the 2020-2021 water season. It also explores how transparency, efficiency and effectiveness can be improved in the Australian water markets.

The 2019-2020 Report introduces Waterfind’s new Valuation Services:

  1. Temporary Water Valuation Reports
  2. Permanent Water Valuation Reports
  3. Water Valuation Reports (Annual Subscription)
  4. Waterfind’s Australian Permanent Water Market Indices (monthly and/or quarterly subscription)
    • Australian
    • Murray-Darling Basin (Southern Connected, Northern Connected and Combined MDB)
    • Individual Australian States (NSW, VIC, SA and Qld)

The Waterfind Valuation Services and Australian Permanent Water Market Indices are available by pre-paid subscription only through an Expression of Interest and completion of our Terms and Conditions.

Please complete an expression of interest to receive Waterfind’s free Australian Water Markets Annual Report 2019-2020 and information about Waterfind’s Valuation Services.


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