Australian Competition & Consumer Commission releases public feedback on Murray-Darling Basin water markets inquiry 

The ACCC released an issues paper on 17 October 2019 seeking views on the key issues affecting markets for tradeable water rights in the Murray-Darling Basin. Public versions of the submissions received are now available from the ACCC website, with further submissions to be posted on the ACCC website in February 2020.

You can read our submission to the ACCC by downloading it here.

We review public responses submitted to the Murray-Darling Basin Water Markets ACCC Inquiry

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) Draft Report on the Water Markets Inquiry is due on 31 May 2020.

We have undertaken our own analysis, looking at public responses to highlight common themes and keys issues raised and by stakeholder type, the level of support for or against reform options, and some implications of the views and solutions suggested in the submissions (as shown in charts 1 and 2). As new submissions have been added by the ACCC since we started undertaking our own analysis, we are in the process of updating our report to incorporate these submissions.

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Chart 1: Submission type

Submission Type

Chart 1 shows a total of 63 submissions have been published from a range of interested parties. Private individuals and companies represented most of all stakeholder groups (43%) who made a submission.

Chart 2: Themes raised

Themes raised

Chart 2 presents the top 10 themes raised, according to the number of submissions that raised them. There was a diversity of issues raised in these submissions.

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