Waterfind Team


  • Tom Rooney
    Tom Rooney Group CEO & President

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    Tom is the founder of Waterfind which is Australia’s most well-known water market specialist and Brokerage Company. Tom started in the water industry in 1989 and, over this time, has gained extensive experience and knowledge relating to water markets, Australian water policy and water trading rules.

    Waterfind’s electronic marketplace was created in 2003 to assist with maturing Australia’s national water market. Waterfind is a private business which is now Australia’s leading place to trade water, receive water-related information and get market policy advice. Waterfind is the recipient of two national innovation awards and a marketing excellence award for product design and deployment.

    Tom is a Member of the Water Industry Alliance and Australian Institute of Company Directors. He grew up in regional Australia, has owned and operated an irrigated citrus property and is a previous Rural Youth Ambassador to Japan. His passion and dedication to the Australian water industry is beyond reproach.

  • Ray Knobloch
    Ray Knobloch Director, Finance & Business Administration

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    Ray is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with over 30 years’ experience in roles such as Systems Accountant, Financial Accountant and Management Accountant in various State Government Departments.

    Following experience as part of a project team developing IT systems for the SA Financing Authority, Ray has also worked as an Information Systems Consultant in the area of information technology security and as a Management Consultant in the area of business process re-engineering.

    Prior to his current role, Ray was Waterfind’s Financial Accountant and still retains duties for managing the Finance team. In addition, he is responsible for IT Systems and contributes as part of the senior Management Team.

    He holds the position of Company Secretary following the completion of a Certificate in Governance Practice and Administration providing certificated membership of the Governance Institute of Australia.

    • Stuart Peevor
      Stuart Peevor Director, Market Regulation, Government & Conveyance

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      Stuart has over 18 years’ experience in various water and environment related roles, in the public and private sector.

      He has provided advice on water markets, policy and reform, regulation, pricing and water accounting and has helped establish the South Australian water reform and water industry regulation frameworks.

      Stuart has worked for the World Bank, the Essential Services Commission of South Australia, the South Australian Government, and the South Australian Water Corporation.

      Stuart holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management and an MBA.

      • Craig Harnett
        Craig Harnett Director, Commercial

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        With almost 20 years of international wine industry experience, Craig’s career began with the BRL Hardy Wine Company/Constellation Wines Australia, representing its diverse brand portfolio across Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe and Asia.

        Craig co-founded Clare Valley Brewing Company, invested in Bottling Dynamics a contract bottling facility located in the Clare Valley and separately, a regional South Australian artisan winery, Jeanneret Wines, successfully launching its presence into international markets.

        Craig holds a Bachelor of Arts from Flinders University and a Diploma in Wine Marketing from the University of Adelaide.

        He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, while in pursuit of creating the perfect wood-fired pizza and the occasional game of golf!

        Sales Team | National Office

        • Aidyn O’Connor
          Aidyn O’Connor Senior Water Account Manager

          Aidyn has over a decade of experience in customer service, and is no stranger to high pressure work environments, having managed a busy restaurant as well as overseeing the operations of a locally based export company.

          Born in Alice Springs, he spent several years living in rural areas of Australia, and is familiar with some of challenges facing residents in the more remote parts of the country. Having lived near the Murray Mouth in Goolwa, he has seen first hand the effects of water shortages during drought events, and the importance of effective water management to help mitigate these effects.

          • Sean Warren
            Sean Warren Senior Water Account Manager

            Sean has over 20 years’ experience in customer relations and sales across a range of industries. He has worked on major regional projects involving on the ground interaction with rural clients and communities.

            Living on a property in one of Australia’s premier wine districts enables him to see first-hand about challenges and activities that are part and parcel of a primary producer’s life. As a past company director, Sean has the ability to focus on the customers’ needs, research and ask questions so that he gives the best customer service.

            • Don McGregor
              Don McGregor Water Broker

              Don has extensive experience in large scale agriculture involving dairy, cattle, wool and prime lamb production. His involvement in a family business has ensured that he understands the pressures and production requirements across a wide range of agricultural enterprises.

              Several successful years in real estate ensures that customer service and achieving clients outcomes are a fundamental focus. Don is passionate about assisting his clients to obtain the best possible outcomes when engaging with the water market.

              • Dion Martin
                Dion Martin Water Broker

                Dion has had developed a strong understanding of business drivers, with over 20 years’ experience across the whole energy value chain. His deep understanding of client needs and ability to engage with customers results in outstanding customer service.

                Dion understands the benefits of efficient water management in remote and regional communities and the importance of providing timely communication to ensure optimum water market outcomes for his customers.

                • Oscar Harding
                  Oscar Harding Water Broker

                  Oscar grew up in the Riverland of South Australia, where he gained firsthand experience of water management in action and gained an understanding of the importance of the Murray River to the wider community.

                  He has previously worked as a butcher for over six years, where he developed his strong customer service skills, which he utilises at Waterfind.

                  • Henry Harding
                    Henry Harding Market & Client Engagement Team Lead

                    Henry is currently studying a double degree in International business (finance, economics and trade) and management (marketing). He grew up in Adelaide but spent a lot of time in Riverland as a child to a young adult due to having family and friends in the Riverland.

                    He has been working for Waterfind for just under 7 years and has worked within many areas of business including; marketing, finance, conveyancing and water broking which has helped broaden his knowledge around the industry, processes and the business.

                    Henry has developed a great ability to provide clients with the right information and resources to make informed decisions about their water management strategies.

                    • Nick Sayer
                      Nick Sayer Water Broker

                      Sales Team | Regional Offices

                      • Tammy Causer
                        Tammy Causer WATER BROKER | GRIFFITH NSW
                      • Kieran Post
                        Kieran Post Water Broker | Brisbane QLD

                        Kieran Post has more than 20 years agribusiness experience working for companies like Dalgety, Wesfarmers and Elders and has gained a deep and broad understanding of the Australian agribusiness industry through the management of his family farm.

                        His expertise covers marketing, sales, finance, agricultural commodities, derivatives and risk management and trading strategies for clients of varying size.

                        Kieran holds a Masters of Applied Finance, Diploma of Financial Advising, and Diploma of Agriculture.

                        He utilises his agribusiness expertise and first hand on farm experience to provide customers with the best solutions for their water trading requirements.

                        • Danny Marando
                          Danny Marando Water Broker | Griffith NSW

                          Danny is Griffith born and bred, living locally for most of his life.

                          Growing up in the Griffith region, he has substantial experience of the local and regional real estate market having been a licenced agent for 20 years.

                          This real estate experience included working closely with rural clients to secure and sell farming properties including water allocations.

                          Armed with his real estate and water trading knowledge, Danny is well positioned to help clients secure the best opportunities across a range of markets.

                          • Thomas Andrews
                            Thomas Andrews Water Account Manager | VIC

                            Thomas has over 15 years’ experience working in customer service roles across a range of businesses, including time as store manager of a busy local restaurant.

                            Growing up in the Mildura region, he spent time working in the dried fruit business gaining experience of the industry as well as the importance of the Murray River to the community.

                            During his time in the Sunraysia region, Thomas has seen the effects that both flood and drought can have on the environment.

                            This experience has helped him develop a unique understanding of how effective water management can benefit the community and your business.

                            Market Operations Team

                            • Lina Dolley
                              Lina Dolley Conveyancing Officer

                              Lina joined the Waterfind team as a receptionist and quickly excelled in the role.

                              She soon advanced her career with the team to her current position of Conveyancing Officer, where she has developed a sound understanding of the water trade process.

                              Lina has an Associate’s Degree in Business Management with a major in Travel Business.

                              She began her career in the Hotel and Hospitality industry, in numerous customer facing roles focused on high quality guest services and administration. Working within dynamic and fast paced hotel environments she has developed a high standard of organisation, problem solving and excellent customer service, which she applies daily at Waterfind.

                              Lina grew up in rural Sweden where she formed an understanding of farming and agriculture. She has also lived and studied in the USA, and moved to Adelaide more recently.

                              She has a passion for travel and experiencing new cultures.

                              • Elizabeth Munslow
                                Elizabeth Munslow Conveyancing Officer - QLD

                                Elizabeth is Waterfind’s Queensland based Conveyancing Officer. She is responsible for the Conveyance of all Queensland based water trades.

                                Elizabeth’s previous occupations have included business owner, office manager, receptionist, bookkeeper and legal secretary; having worked in different industries including real estate, appliance manufacturing, education and electrical contracting.

                                She has a Diploma of Business Management and is currently studying a Diploma of Business Administration. Elizabeth enjoys watching movies, living by the beach and listening to music.

                                • Sharon Ball
                                  Sharon Ball Conveyance / Policy Officer

                                  Sharon has an extensive background in banking and customer service having worked for a large national bank in London for over 22 years and then in the air-conditioning industry.

                                  Sharon has previously worked in our Finance/Administration Department for over 7 years and has recently moved to the role of Conveyance / Policy Officer.

                                  She has a Certificate III in Administration and Certificate IV in Accounting. Sharon is a foodie and enjoys visiting local wineries in the McLaren Vale and Barossa areas and eating at local restaurants. She also enjoys music, reading and loves baking and collecting cookbooks.

                                  • Julie-Ann Townley-Rivett
                                    Julie-Ann Townley-Rivett CONVEYANCING OFFICER

                                    Coming from a rural background in the mid north of South Australia, she has a strong interest in farming and a personal interest in sustainable land use, having recently won the Savills Prize (2018)  for obtaining the highest score for ’Land Use, Planning and Sustainability’ Award.

                                    Previously, her work background was in accounting within the non-profit sector. Having a proclivity for learning,  she has an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and an Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing . She is en-route to becoming a registered valuer upon completion of the Bachelor of Business (Property) Degree . In her spare time, she enjoys reading non fiction literature and gardening.

                                    • Rebecca Gilbert
                                      Rebecca Gilbert Policy & Conveyance Team Lead

                                      Rebecca’s expertise spans across the business with over 10 years at Waterfind. She commenced in the conveyancing and quickly progressed into the development and management of the online market.

                                      Her extensive business experience, along with tertiary qualifications (Bachelor Degree in Science and a Diploma in Project Management) and sound water market knowledge, has afforded her role as the team leader of Market Operations team. She is driven by her desire and commitment to deliver best practice and customer focused solutions.

                                      Rebecca has delivered key strategic projects for Waterfind, including the Commonwealth Government funded On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program with the delivery of over $60 million in Government Funding to irrigators in  Murray Darling Basin.  Rebecca’s regular communication and liaison with internal staff and external stakeholders, farmers and irrigators have resulted in building and fostering positive relationships of mutual benefit.  Executive leadership in Waterfind value her leadership and she is highly respected among her peers and team members.

                                      • Gemma Flett
                                        Gemma Flett Senior Asset Registrar & Market Education Officer

                                        Gemma holds a Bachelor degree in Education with majors in Science and Mathematics, as well as a Diploma in Business Administration, specialising in Human Resources and Marketing.

                                        During her time at Waterfind she has gained experience and knowledge relating to water markets, Australian water policy and water licence and trading rules. This experience together with Gemma’s organisation, communication and problem solving skills see her well positioned in her role coordinating Waterfind’s internal communications and database operations.

                                        She also applies knowledge and experience gained through her background in agriculture and viticulture together with her strong attention to detail to support the Sales & Marketing, Conveyance and Policy teams with water market research, analysis and report writing.

                                        • Rosi Punturiero
                                          Rosi Punturiero MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS

                                          Rosi is an experienced Marketing Communications professional working in the public and private sectors, in marketing communications teams in fast-paced corporate environments. She is experienced in and across strategic communications, stakeholder relationship management, social media, video, web, advertising, copy writing and content production, offering an all-rounder skill-set to deliver outcomes, that support strategy and drive action.

                                          Collaborating with staff and stakeholders of all levels, she has delivered key State Government initiatives including; River Murray Levy Act, Water for Good, Adelaide Oval Redevelopment, Northern Expressway, Multicultural SA Festival and NAIDOC campaigns.

                                          She holds tertiary qualifications (Bachelor Visual Communications, Advanced Diploma Marketing, and accepted to study a postgraduate in Digital Marketing, aiming to complete a masters). Travel, good food, beaches and family and friends and laughter are the staple ingredients of her life.

                                          • Eileen Ingram
                                            Eileen Ingram Project Officer

                                            Eileen joined Waterfind in 2014 as Receptionist and since then has worked across a number of departments and is currently in the role of Project Officer in the Policy Department.

                                            Eileen began her career as a secretary in London in the advertising industry, then moving on to develop and run a restaurant in Ireland and more recently running a wholesale distribution business in Adelaide with her husband.

                                            Eileen enjoys travelling, renovating old houses and spending time with friends and family.

                                            Finance, Information Technology (IT) and Administration

                                            • Sam Johns
                                              Sam Johns QMS Management, Executive & HR Coordinator

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                                              Sam currently works as a Human Resources Consultant within Waterfind. With over 30 years experience, Sam began her career within administrative positions in the not-for-profit sector.

                                              Later she began working within the public sector where her roles in human resources covered a variety of areas, including; payroll, WHS, and return-to-work coordination, advisory, as well as managing an outsourcing process of a public hospital and group management of 365 staff that followed.

                                              • Rachel Aklan
                                                Rachel Aklan Accounting Officer

                                                Rachel has a professional background in finance accounting having worked in the industry for more than 15 years.

                                                Having worked in a number of sectors including the Oil and Gas, and Plumbing industry, Rachel has gained extensive experience across accounting, payroll and taxation services.

                                                Rachel’s professional accounting skills are also put to good use as assistant treasurer for the Lockleys Hotel Social Club.

                                                • Joel Blyth
                                                  Joel Blyth Senior Software Developer

                                                  Joel is part of Waterfind’s in-house IT team making sure that our sophisticated water trading platform runs smoothly.

                                                  Joel brings with him a wealth of IT experience, having lived and worked in Japan for an extended period before settling back into Adelaide.

                                                  He graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (Mining) and was on the Dean’s Merit list for finishing in the top 15 percent of all students with the engineering faculty at the Uni of SA.

                                                  In his spare time, Joel enjoys squash, mountain bike riding, football, golf and computer games (of course).

                                                  • Kris Volisetti
                                                    Kris Volisetti Java Developer

                                                    Kris is a full stack software developer.

                                                    She has over 7 years of experience in developing client server and web-based applications.

                                                    Her strong problem-solving abilities and technical expertise have enabled Kris to work on key projects across a variety of industries including government, health, education and agriculture.

                                                    Kris holds a Masters in Computer Applications from Osmania University and is an Oracle Certified Associate Programmer in Java.

                                                    In spare time, she likes to paint and sketch in pencil.

                                                    • Cathy Probst
                                                      Cathy Probst Reception and Administration

                                                      Cathy has an extensive background in administration.

                                                      She worked for the State Government as a Personal Assistant for 7 years and has over 20 years’ experience in administration/receptionist roles.

                                                      She is a professional, has great organizational and multitasking capabilities and communicates well with people.

                                                      In Cathy’s spare time she enjoys weekends to Morgan waterskiing, keeping fit and reading.

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